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December 2014

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In a post-apocalyptic bar, someone spills your beer! WAAGH! WASTELAND BAR FIGHT! Wasteland Bar Fight is a mobile post-apocalyptic barroom brawler. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where danger lurks behind every corner, you casually enter a bar for some quiet relaxation when a grumpy ganger spills your drink, triggering an all-out barroom brawl! Wasteland Bar Fight is packed full of gangers and other bad guys getting a rush out of trying to kick your butt, and it is critical that you defend yourself by punching and kicking your enemies with just a tap or a swipe on your device. Wasteland Bar Fight challenges you to survive against endless hordes of bad guys. Unleash your rage with devastating attacks, and multiply your score by executing superior and amazing combos. Achievements can be unlocked making the trashing even cooler. Beat up waves of creeps, bullies, thugs, Mini-bosses and level-up to prepare yourself for the dangerous and superior Mega-bosses. With its action-packed fun and addictive gameplay, are you tough enough to survive the fight?


Kybernesis has been developing an original post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting since 2007 and has been through several game ideas that never got released before starting development on Wasteland Bar Fight in the spring of 2013. The choice to make Wasteland Bar Fight came mainly from the fact that the team went from 5 people to 2 people around that time and Kybernesis had to really decrease their scope for their first game. Wasteland Bar Fight has been attending Nordic Game, GDC Europe, Gamescom and Spillexo Norway and gotten loads of valuable and mostly positive feedback, so it is with great anticipation that Kybernesis releases Wasteland Bar Fight December 2014.


  • Fight for your right to party against hordes of wasteland bandits!
  • Punching and kicking is as easy as a tap and a swipe!
  • Can't handle the pain? Have a Waster Piss! But BEWARE the local RedX!
  • Unleash your rage with devastating attacks!
  • Become even more BADASS by unlocking achievements.
  • Beat up waves of creeps, bullies, thugs, minibosses and the dangerous MegaBosses!
  • Use your superior skills to multiply your score!
  • Impress your friends by getting the best High Score.
  • Headbang to the awesome 80's inspired wasteland metal soundtrack!


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (9MB)
WBF Gerges Drinking WasterPiss.png
WBF Feature Image.png
WBF Gallia Rage Front Kick.png
WBF Gallia Fighting Jab KO.png
WBF MegaBoss Knockovich Beating Gerges.png
WBF Gallia Uppercut.png
WBF Gerges Roundhouse Kick.png
WBF Gerges Fighting Front Kick.png

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Original Soundtrack
Wasteland Bar Fight OST by Kybomatik soundcloud.com.

About Kybernesis

Kybernesis is an independent game development company. We started up early 2007 with the work on our main concept set in a Post-apocalyptic, Cyberpunk future. We try to innovate gaming, one game at a time.

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